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Cheap calls and SMS app for Apple iPhone 4

Making Apple iPhone 4 VoIP calls and sending low cost SMS using MO-Call is the simplest way for you to save money from your mobile.

MO-Call is a free app download that comes with free credit to get you started. You can make a cheap Apple iPhone 4 VoIP calls using the MO-Call dial pad or from your phone book, re-routing the call at a fraction of your Mobile Network's cost.

  • Making a call is simple

    Making cheap calls from Apple iPhone 4 is really simple.
    1. After installing MO-Call, register an account then login.
    2. Dial an international number or look one up in the phone book. The MO-Call app recognises that it's an international number.
    3. MO-Call re-routes the call over our network at our great rates and exceptional call quality.

    Making a call is simple

  • Mobile VoIP

    When you make an Apple iPhone 4 VoIP call over Wi-Fi, you totally avoid any of your carrier charges, including the roaming fee if you're away from your Home country. Connect to VoIP on your Apple iPhone 4, and then make a call to any fixed or mobile phone at our really low rates.

    Mobile VoIP

  • Low cost SMS

    MO-Call also works as an app to send cheap international SMS from Apple iPhone 4 mobiles. Text messaging is really easy with MO-Call. You just add a number from your contacts, write your message and then send. MO-Call sends the texts from the Apple iPhone 4 and delivers them, via your internet connection, at our honestly low SMS rates.

    Low cost SMS

  • Amazing low rates - Save up to 90%

    If you call internationally with your mobile network operator, you'll be paying way more than a local call and even more if you're roaming. MO-Call rates are often more than 90% cheaper than your mobile network. So why waste your money with your mobile network operator and let them rip you off? Get fantastic low rate calls on your Apple iPhone 4 by downloading MO-Call.

    Amazing low rates - Save up to 90%

  • Avoid roaming costs

    If you travel a lot, you probably have experienced bill shock from over the top roaming charges. MO-Call offers many ways to reduce or even avoid roaming charges from the Apple iPhone 4. MO-Call comes with a Callback service that can be used away from your home country by directing your outbound calls from your Roaming Apple iPhone 4 and taking your call on a local phone instead. Check out other ways MO-Call will help cut your roaming bill.

    Avoid roaming costs

  • Get a free calls trial now!

    Register an account now from one of the 40 MO-Call Home countries and you can trial MO-Call and make completely FREE calls from your Apple iPhone 4 mobile to try MO-Call before you top-up.
    Get your free trial now.

    Get a free calls trial now!

  • We're always here to help

    We know Mobile VoIP can sound daunting, but we're here to show you how simple it is to get started. After you begin using MO-Call, you'll see how easy it is to save on your international calls. If you want us to help you out in any way, get in touch any time by sending your emails to We aim to reply to emails within a couple of hours.

    We're always here to help