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  • How to install

    1. Download MO-Call
      Select a download method.
    2. Install
      Open MO-Call and follow the installation instructions.
    3. Open MO-Call
      After installation, MO-Call can usually be found in:
      Nokia: Apps >> Games (or sometimes Collection)
      Motorola: File Manager >> Applications
      Samsung: Applications >> Java World
      LG: My Stuff >> Games and Apps >> Download
    4. Set up
      Select your current location and then select the country your SIM card is from. This allows MO-Call to function correctly.
  • How to make calls

    Making calls is very simple. When you want to make a call, just open up MO-Call and dial a number.

    1. Open MO-Call
      Then select Make a MO-Call.
    2. Enter number
      In the field Make a Call To, enter the number you want to call.
    3. Or look up number from phonebook
      To add a number from your phonebook, select Lookup from the menu.
    4. Don't forget the country code!
      Don't forget the country code for any number you dial. For example, a call to the UK requires the prefix +44. Full list of country codes can be found on the rates page.
  • Making Home calls

    When you make a call in Home Mode, you are connected through a local number. The total call cost will be the local call plus the MO-Call standard rate. Home calls can only be made from one of the 40 MO-Call Home countries.

    1. Open MO-Call
      Select Make a MO-Call.
    2. Check Home is selected
      If you set up MO-Call correctly, the Home service will be selected and you can make a call.
    3. Changing from World to Home
      If World is the selected service, go back to the menu then select Settings. Change Your Location and SIM Location so they are both the Home country you are in currently. If you are outside a Home country or your SIM is not from a Home country, you must make your calls using the World service.
  • Making World calls

    In World Mode, the app sends a message to request a callback. Your phone rings and then the call is connected. Callback rates are a little higher than the standard rate but still very low. World calls can be made in any country. If you are outside a Home country, World Mode is the only calling service available.

    1. Open MO-Call
      Select Make a MO-Call.
    2. Specify callback number
      MO-Call can receive a callback on any phone. Receiving the callback on a landline number is often cheaper. If you're roaming, receiving the callback on a local number will avoid a roaming fee. You can change the phone you receive the callback on by entering the number (including international code) in the Call Me At field. Leave it empty and the callback is received on your registered phone number.
    3. Send Message Via
      When you make the call, MO-Call can request a callback by either SMS or by Internet. Internet is almost always the cheapest, often free and more reliable. If you have no internet connection, MO-Call can request the callback by sending an SMS instead. This will be the cost of a standard international SMS with your network operator.
  • Sending SMS

    1. Open MO-Call
      Select Send SMS.
    2. Enter number
      To add a number from your phone book, select Lookup from the menu.
    3. Write your message
      Once you finish, select Send.