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MO-Call Affiliate Program

10% lifetime commission, 20% first top up bonus, $1 bonus after first top up for each user that trials MO-Call, plus a 45 day registration cookie

Everyone wants to save money on mobile phone bills these days, that’s why we created MO-Call. Help us spread the word – now it’s your mobile. The MO-Call affiliate program has been created to reward online communities, website publishers, bloggers and MO-Call enthusiasts for promoting MO-Call on their websites. In return, MO-Call offers you a new revenue stream and generous commissions.

In order to reseller MO-Call you must first understand all the customer benefits of the service. You must be able to articulate to your potential customers the reasons for using MO-Call over other cheap calling alternatives. It is desirable you may also provide first level support around MO-Calling. For your application to become a MO-Call affiliate to be considered you must first have a MO-Call account and show successful calling against the service. Top-up and trail the service! You must first support yourself before MO-Call will support you.

  • Fill out an
    application form
  • Get your login
    details from your email
  • Login to the
    MO-Call Affiliate Portal
  • Use ready made
    banners and links on
    your site to start earning
  • How it works

    After you refer someone from your website you have up to 45 days for that customer to come to our websites and register a MO-Call account. If they register within the 45 days, the commissions on that customer’s monthly spend will be yours for life!

    • No limit on registrations

      Whether you send us 10 registrations per month or 100,000 per month – you will earn commission on every single customer that registers within 45 days of your referral.

    • No cap on earnings

      It doesn’t matter how much the customers spend you will still earn a minimum of 10% commission. If you keep referring customers, the potential for accumulated earnings are huge.

    • Customers for life

      After your referral has registered with MO-Call, you will be entitled to a commission on their lifetime spend. It doesn’t matter how long they stay with MO-Call – there is no limit. You will always be entitled to a commission on their total spend with MO-Call.

    • Marketing tools and resources

      Log in to the MO-Call Affiliate Portal any time to find tools and resources for growing commissions. You’ll also get access to detailed reports and MO-Call’s library of links and banners ready to put on your website.

  • How much you’ll earn

    A minimum 10% of total customer spend for life.
    For every user who registers within 45 days of a referral from your site, you will earn a minimum commission of 10% of those customers’ total MO-Call spend for life.

    Up to $150 for a customer's 1st top-up.
    MO-Call affiliates get an additional 20% commission on all referred customers’ first top-ups.

  • How you get paid

    We pay commission on all online purchases made by the customers that you refer and create. Commissions are paid monthly via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

  • Want to become a reseller?

    If you don’t have a website, you can still benefit from promoting MO-Call. Read about our Reseller program.

  • Contact

    If you believe you can send us a considerable amount of registrations please contact us directly and we can discuss a personalised agreement.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.