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Aussie Day 2014 – starting 24 January – 6 days Free MO-Calls

MO-Call Australia for Free. Starts 24th January for 4 days. Edit: It’s 6 days now!!! Oz is a big place In a couple of weekends it is Australia Day again. In traditional style we Aussies will be celebrating for 4 days, from Friday to Bank Holiday Monday, celebrating with family and friends whilst partaking in that [...]

Mandela: MO-Call South Africa Mobiles for Free

“It always seems impossible until its done.” Nelson Mandela With the sad passing of Nelson Mandela, we must honour the man who has changed the politics in his country and also that of the views of the world reinforcing unity and abolishing apartheid and segregation. With over 60 World leaders attending the State Funeral in [...]

MO-Call the best rates for Kuwait, Qatar and Israel this week

We’re continuing to add more to our Middle East MO-Call region . We’ve added Israel, Kuwait and Qatar to our best rates. This week you can talk for much longer  to family and friends living in these  3 countries all using MO-Call cheap international mobile rates. Here’s how much you’re saving- ISRAEL Call Landline 2¢/min old price 2.5¢– [...]

Happy St Patrick’s Day- Go Green with MO-Call

  Go Green This Weekend on St Patrick’s day you will soon know about Ireland and its culture this week with around 100 million Irish descendants around the world turning everything green for this weeks St Patrick’s Day on the 17th March- even the Chicago River gets dyed green- a tradition honouring the Irish people of [...]

Calls to Nigeria Mobiles- 7.9¢ with MO-Call in March

  Calls to Nigeria Mobiles- 7.9¢ with MO-Call  A little more helps. In our attempts to get the best rate to Nigeria we can announce that prices to call your Nigerian friends Mobile and Family landlines will be 7.9 cents (US) It’ll start from 15th March (0001 GMT) to 31st March 2013 2359 (GMT)  

More Mother’s Day Minutes this Sunday from MO-Call

It’s Mother’s Day approaching this Sunday and it’s safe to say they do like to talk and tell you everything about all your aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbours, weather, food etc.! :) This week tell her you’ve got more minutes as every MO-Caller will be credited with 20% bonus credit on every Top-Up of $10/10AUD/100HKD/10EUR/10GBP or more. With [...]

Cheap International Mobile Calls to Pakistan for only 4¢ with MO-Call

MO-Call Pakistan Mobiles for only 4¢ Just a quick update to say thanks to all the MO-Callers who are calling Pakistan with our ultra- low mobile rates. You can save on international calls at the great price of 4 cents to call all Pakistan Mobiles and 6.5¢ for Landlines. MO-Call are always providing cheap international [...]

Even More MO-Call Middle East Price Reductions- to Turkey, Iraq, Bahrain and Jordan

Hi MO-Callers, We started on getting much lower rates to calling Lebanon, UAE, Syria and Afghanistan. Last week we included Cyprus, Palestine, Yemen and Oman This week we’ve reduced the prices for 4 more countries so you can make more cheap international mobile calls:  TURKEY Call Landline 2¢/min old price 2.8¢– and Mobiles 12¢/min- old price 14¢ IRAQ Call Landlines 5¢/min and Mobiles 13¢/min- old price 14¢ [...]

MO-Call adding Cyprus, Palestine, Yemen and Oman. Call for even less now to the Middle East.

Hi MO-Callers, Last week we started on getting much lower rates to calling Lebanon, UAE, Syria and Afghanistan. This week we’ve added more countries for you to call- we’re including Cyprus, Palestine, Yemen and Oman to the Middle East countries. Here’s the details: CYPRUS Call Landline 2¢/min – and Mobiles 4¢/min- old price 5¢ PALESTINE Call Landlines or Mobiles is 18¢/min YEMEN Calling Landline [...]

MO-Call China,Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia for Free this Chinese New Year

一年一度的中国的传统节日春节即将来临,在此期间,在外工作,学习及旅行的人们,开始回家与家人团圆。   除了中国之外,其他的一些国家也会庆祝春节,如马来西亚,印度尼西亚,新加坡,香港,甚至美国,加拿大还有秘鲁。在秘鲁,大约有130多万华人居住在那里,比在英国,法国及澳大利亚全部的华人还要多。   MO-Call与您一起欢度此佳节,MO-Call从2013年2月8日到2月13日,将为您提供免费的国际长途电话到中国大陆,香港,马来西亚,新加坡,及泰国。 免费电话只限于MO-Call的Standard Rate,您可以通过Home,Mobile VoIP,或者MO-Call PC来享受此费率。MO-Call为您提供最便捷的方法来拨打便宜的国家长途电话和发送国际短信,使您可以随时随地与您的家人和朋友保持联系。   再次,MO-Call衷心地祝福您新年快乐,身体健康,万事如意!!!   Terms and conditions 1. Free calls to mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia start on 8th February 2013 at 00:01 GMT  time until 13th February  2013 at 23:59 GMT 2. Free calls can be made using any of Standard Rate services including Home, Mobile VoIP, and MO-Call [...]