Quick Chart to show MO-Call ratesCompare our MO-Call mobile rates to Skype

Hi MO-Callers,

As always we check MO-Call rates to make sure they are competitive and you get the best price. Usually we tell you how much our previous MO-Call rates were and what the new ones are.

But how do we compare against one of the big players like Skype?  This back to basics chart shows our current MO-Call rates and the current Skype rates. As you can see our list comprises of the European community countries and the costs of calling to mobiles.

So is MO-Call cheaper? Yes and what’s surprising is some of the cost differences.

For instance calling a UK mobile:- With Skype on their Pay As You Go Tarrif, it’s 24 euro cents a minute (plus the 8.9 first call connection charge)

MO-Call charges 7 cents a minute. MO-Call includes connection fees.

If you take the average call lasting around 2 minutes Skype charges 56.9 cents. MO-Call costs only 14 euro cents. 

Is MO-Call cheaper to landlines also? Yes it is. We have another chart with only European landlines rates showing MO-Call being cheaper to call than Skype.

Also we’ve updated our Facebook page to show our new Android App and PC App.

Any questions we’ll be here at support@morodo.co.uk

Happy MO-Calling,

The MO-Call Team

All rates taken on 24 May 2013. Sources: www.skype.com/en/rates and www.mo-call.com/en/rates.

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