Group Chat and Message with MO-Call PC App
It’s new and it’s got Group Chat and Instant Message

Dear MO-Callers,

When we introduced the new MO-Call for Android App  one of the new features – instant messaging has proven to be very popular. It’s seen a massive increase in downloads from the Google Play store. Thanks to all who’s using it.

With our new mobile app, we’ve also been integrating Group Chat and Instant Messaging into the MO-Call for PC application. Download now.

We think that using the MO-Call for PC app complements the Android app– where having a bigger screen and keyboard actually makes the PC app more comfortable to use.  Try it and see how fast you can instant message and send text messages. It’s much easier from your keyboard. Also the  bigger screen of the PC monitor gives you more information. You can view quickly who’s available from your contact list and see which MO-Call service they can be contacted on– A quick check and when they are online call them for free using VoIP, or send them a text if they are busy.

So what’s new and improved in the MO-Call for PC app?

  • New design and look- a bigger screen to see and call your contacts immediately.
  • Find MO-Callers Online and communicate instantaneously.
  • Send texts and messages directly from your laptop or desktop computer.
  • Fast Type and Send a quick SMS and instant message from your keyboard.
  • PC and Android integration and  improved reliability.
  • Group Chat with 2 or more contacts at the same time.
  • Improved Voice Calls including free VoIP calls.

There’s more details showing the new features of  MO-Call for PC in our new User guide

We think you’ll enjoy using our new services and there’s more to come from MO-Call in 2013- any questions, ideas, feedback just send us an email at:

Happy MO-Calling from your PC!

The MO-Call Team.

MO-Call is a communications app created by Morodo featuring VoIP, cheap international calls to mobile and landlines, SMS and instant messaging.

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