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We’re continuing to add more to our Middle East MO-Call region .

We’ve added Israel, Kuwait and Qatar to our best rates. This week you can talk for much longer  to family and friends living in these  3 countries all using MO-Call cheap international mobile rates.

Here’s how much you’re saving-

ISRAEL Call Landline 2¢/min old price 2.5¢– and Mobiles 9¢/min- old price 12¢

KUWAIT Call Landlines 10¢/min – old price 12¢ and Mobiles 14¢/min- old price 12¢

QATAR Calling Landlines and Mobiles 20¢/min -old prices 25¢

It started already- from Tuesday 19th March (00:01 GMT) until Monday 1st April 2013 (23:59 GMT) all calls to landlines and mobiles are cheaper!

MO-Call are still offering the best low cost international mobile and VoIP calls rates around the world. Each week we’ve reduced country rates to popular destinations such as Nigeria. Join us at Facebook and Twitter for updates and interesting things we like.

Happy MO-Calling!

The MO-Call Team

Terms and conditions

1. Cheaper calls to Israel, Kuwait, Qatar start on Tuesday 19th February at 00:01 (GMT) until Monday 1st April 2013 at 23:59 (GMT).

2. Cheaper calls can be made using any of Standard Rate services including Home, Mobile VoIP, and MO-Call PC.

3. If you want to use our Callback services only the call back leg- to Israel, Kuwait or Qatar you are calling will be cheaper-, the other leg attracting the normal low MO-Call rate.

4. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend this Special Offer at any time.

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