We're updating the the MO-Call app for Android 4.2 soon!

Happy New Year MO-Callers,

We hope you had an enjoyable break.

Recently Android released a firmware update. This update has affected the way the new Android device parses your encrypted MO-Call username and password to the MO-Call application for logging into the MO-Call system. The change appears to affect firmware 4.2 and greater. We are re-engineering the process by which the details are parsed, however this fix will not be released until our next MO-Call Android app build is released (within 6 weeks).

If you can’t live without MO-Call, we at MO-Call recommend you postpone your Android 4.2 firmware update until our great new MO-Call app is released supporting the fix.

Best Regards,

The MO-Call Team

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