Angola Independence Day 2012

Angola Independence Day 2012

Celebrate Angola Independence Day on the 11th of November with MO-Call.

This weekend is a great opportunity to get in touch with relatives and friends abroad. It’s super cheap to call from Angola to Nigeria mobiles at  20¢ (US per minute). And calling Ghana mobiles it’s 32¢ US for an international MO-Call mobile call.

Just Top-Up some credit to your MO-Call account  and we’ll add 20% more credit as a bonus.

We hope everybody enjoys their weekend celebrations!

The MO-Call Team

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This offer starts on 00:01 GMT Friday 9th November and ending 23:59 GMT Sunday 11thNovember. Top-Up bonus offer will be limited one MO-Call account. The maximum purchase amount  will be  of 100 USD. Affiliates and resellers are excluded from this offer. Your bonus Top-Up will be credited by 1200 the following day.





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