How to grow the business with MO-Call

Our best earning Affiliate, Mr. Mohammed Musibau Kayode from Angola, shares with us how he got started, his experiences, and some lessons learned on becoming a successful MO-Call affiliate under the MO-Call Affiliate program. Enjoy!

1. How did you find out the MO-Call service?

It was a miracle. I have received an e-mail from a friend and tried to contact him to give me more information about MO-Call service. But he was not able to give me all needed details, so I investigated a bit by myself, found all information I wanted and registered with MO-Call.

2. What was your first impression of the MO-Call service?  What were the things you liked about MO-Call as a user of the service?

I like MO-Call because it is very reliable and cheap. My first impression was that this service is very suitable when you want to be close to your family and friends.

3. When and why did you become an Affiliate and how have you grown your business?

I registered my MO-Call account in December 2008 and made my first top-up in May 2009. It took me 5 months because I had some issues with my credit card and couldn’t make top-up. I was thinking to give up, but I didn’t.  MO-Call Customer Support really helped me through my problems.  This experience gave me a good feeling of the Morodo network and I felt like one of the MO-Call staff. I started to invite friends to use MO-Call and received invitation to become a MO-Call Affiliates which I accepted. The reason why I became an Affiliate is to help people with credit card difficulties (credit card online verification problems) or have no time for online purchase processes.  I have grown my MO-Call business by helping people.

4. What are some lessons you have learned along the way to building a successful MO-Call business? How are you using it? What are advantages/disadvantages (if any)?

First thing you have to do when you become an Affiliate is to study the service really carefully and make the service approachable and easy to use for your potential customers. I explained to my customers that MO-Call is very cheap and reliable international calling service and that you can use it everywhere in the world. At the beginning I gave them trial credit of $1, $2.5, $5, $10, up to $20 to try the quality of MO-Call service. I have my Promo MO-Call account and I buy credit in bulk ($500) which I later resell in smaller amounts like $10, $20, $30, $50, $100 etc. The big advantage is that my customers can buy exact amount they want without Bank exchange rate or Credit Card commissions. The only disadvantage is high Western Union and Credit Card commission on my side.

5. How has MO-Call changed your life?

So far I can’t say that MO-Call has changed my life, it has enabled me to help people call their family abroad and this has helped me stay in touch with my family and it doesn’t cost me anything.  But with the amount earned I don’t need to worry for my credit spent on calling my family.

6. How many customers do you support, how did you attract them to use the MO-Call service and keep them loyal to you and MO-Call?

I have more than 50 customers. After the registration I introduce them MO-Call service, offer some free trial credit in testing purposes so they are sure that the service works great. The next step is credit purchase and calling can start. That is the way how I created my Mini MO-Call network.

7. Tell us in couple of sentences what do you think about MO-Call as service in general and about MO-Call’s Affiliate program.

I first registered with MO-Call because I needed a reliable international calling service. After I made my first top-up and my first call I discovered that MO-Call is not just reliable but very useful anywhere in the world, with or without an internet connection.The MO-Call Affiliate Program is very good idea for promoting of MO-Call service. The MO-Call Affiliates are seen as very important link in the chain and good cooperation between Morodo and the Affiliates results in successful business. I just have to add one point that better conversation between Morodo and the Affiliates can bring more benefits to both sides.

8. What can you suggest to our other customers who became Affiliates and didn’t have enough success or want to become one of them?

My suggestion to other Affiliates is that they first need to learn how MO-Call works and to try to learn what their customers want. After registration they need to be there to offer help, if they (the customer) ask for it. The MO-Call Support team will help you for sure, but you know your customers and the environment better, and your knowledge about MO-Call service and support is crucial.

9. Are you using social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin…) for your business promotion and how (campaigns, special offer, banners…)?

I use Facebook profile for promotion and MO-Call banner attached to my e-mail signature, so every e-mail I send is like an advertisement.

10. What are your ideas for future as one of our best Affiliates? Is there any way we can help you and make it easier and beneficial for both sides?

First of all I would like to thank all MO-Call staff and Morodo Company for all they have done to bring the business where it is now and their support. Just one example, when I became a customer, calling rate from Angola to Nigeria was $0.37/min. After my complaining, the rate dropped to $0.20/min which helped me a lot in my business and I am very grateful for it. I would like to see MO-Call, as one of the leading VoIP providers, because every foreigner or frequent traveler needs MO-Call to contact his family and friends at home. I’ve recently bought a new tablet PC which helped me a lot in my business; from now on I can help my customers and top-up their accounts anytime, anywhere. I am doing all this because I love this company and will be more than happy to see things grow. Maybe someday I will have an opportunity to visit Morodo and we can together create new ideas that can be beneficial for both sides.

If this interesting story inspired you to get your own chance and make your own MO-Call network, simply go to MO-Call’s Affiliate Program and you can start today!

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