MO-Call: Highlights of 2010

2010 was another great year for MO-Call and before we celebrate 2011, we would like to look back at all the amazing achievements we have had in the last 12 months.

My MO-Call Numbers added
My MO-Call numbers was added in February, which enabled users to add other phone numbers to their MO-Call account. Thanks to the big My MO-Call update, users were able to add up to five additional numbers to make MO-Calls from. Read more.

New MO-Call on BlackBerry – Now with SMS and Internet Triggered Callbacks
Back in March, we were proud to announce a major update for BlackBerry, which came with many new features including a fresh new user interface, SMS facility and making world calls with an Internet connection. Read more.

MO-Call 3G – iPhone and iPad 3G Calls for International 3G Calling
When Apple approved the MO-Call 3G version, iPhone and iPad owners were able to use their 3G connections as well Wi-Fi connections to make calls at our amazing Standard Rates, send SMS and request callbacks to other phones. Read more.

MO-Call is leading the Way in Handset Coverage for International Calling Apps.
MO-Call at present still has the largest footprint of handset support than most of our competitors. Our footprint of handset support was 1,800 handsets back in July. As we draw closer to 2011, this number sits at over 2,130 for handset support, growing every month. Read more.

MO-Call now on Android Eclair 2.0, 2.1 and Froyo 2.2
With Google’s mobile platform Android, gaining momentum in the smartphone market, it was only natural for MO-Call to be supported on all versions of Android. As of December 2010, MO-Call is supported on over 129 different Android handsets. Read more.

MO-Call supporting the UK Government’s Get Safe Online campaign
It’s hard to imagine our lives without the Internet, with many of us using computers, smartphones and other mobile devices, we often overlook what personal details we pass on the Internet. With LiveEnsure™, MO-Call supported the UK government’s initiative which provided advice on how to use the internet confidently, safely and securely.Read more.

New office in Belgrade, Serbia
In continuing our worldwide footprint, we opened a new office in Belgrade, Serbia which ensured we continued providing the highest standard of customer support and developing the best solutions to communicate via mobile devices and the Internet.

MO-Call 2.0 for the iPhone 4
Recently this month, we launched the latest MO-Call update for the iPhone users, which brought a vast number of improvements including a new user interface, additional payment options and full account features such as call records, order history and SMS delivery reports. Read more.

Christmas offer
Just a reminder that there’s only a few days left for MO-Callers to claim their 25% top-up bonus on the next top-up, with the chance to win a brand new Apple iPhone 4. Read more.

With more and more customers joining us everyday, we want to thank you all for your support, feedback, ideas and understanding. For 2011, the MO-Call team promises to provide more innovation and special offerings for the New Year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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