Thanksgiving- Free MO-Calls to USA for 3 days

Hello MO-Callers,

Just a quick update as the before the holiday season starts and  everyone is getting ready for 2015. But there is still work at MO-Call HQ and we will enjoy the last 5 weeks of 2014.

First we have Free Calls to the USA

Thanksgiving – Free Calls 

There’s 3 days of free calls to the USA starting on the 27th of November so there is time to get friends and family downloading the app to to make some free USA calls. Even if you don’t celebrate it yourself, why not take this as a good opportunity to catch up with any of your American buddies courtesy of MO-Call.

Your free calls will begin: Thursday 27 November to Saturday 29 November (GMT).

If you need to contact loved ones in the USA, you can call any mobile or landline for free for the using MO-Call Home or any of the MO-Call VoIP services. Free calls can be made to both Fixed and Mobile. Free calls can be made using any MO-Call Standard Rate service including calls from your mobile using Home and VoIP mode and from your computer. If you live in the USA, you can also make free national fixed and mobile calls!


Have a break to talk with MO-Call

We’ll show you 5 ways how to make a quick MO-Call in your busy schedule.

MO-Call App updates and User Manuals
Many MO-callers will be aware to our updates to the mobile apps. Also if you are new to MO-Call we have also update the user manuals for iPhone, Andorid and Nokia handsets. Read about how MO-Call and the different services work on your particular mobile.

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Happy Thanksgiving,
The MO-Call Team



  • Terms and Conditions:
  • Free calls to USA starts: 0001 Thursday 27 November. Free Calls ends: 2359 Saturday 29 November 2014 (GMT)
  • Free calls can be made using any of Standard Rate services including Home, Mobile VoIP, and MO-Call PC.
  • If you want to use our Callback option, only part of the call to USA will be free of charge, the other part is attracting the normal low MO-Call rate.







5 Easy ways to take a break with MO-Call

Hello MO-Callers,

Making calls forms an  important part of our day where we let MO-Call be the centre of our daily life. Even with our busy schedules everyone likes to make the time to talk about their lives and see how their  friends and family are doing themselves. We’ll show you how to steal a few minutes here and there in your schedule so you can call all your favourite people around the world with MO-Call

Firstly, we have updated our MO-Call app so it is much responsive. No more waiting. Finding your contacts and making that call is all the much more quicker and smooth on Android and iPhone.

Secondly, Make shorter calls instead. All calls don’t have to be super long- in fact the average call is around 6 mins. It is just enough time to get the important message out and to ask “how’s thing’s?”.

Here are 5 easy ways to find 6 minutes to talk with MO-Call. 

Walking break -Take a walk to talk outside. You’ll feel good about the exercise too.

Coffee break -Why watch and wait for the water to boil there’s a few minutes to call.

Driving -Chat while you drive during car journeys with your daily work travel

TV Break -Ignore and mute that TV commercial.

Queue Break -Make the most of waiting.

Take your breaks with MO-Call. It’s even easier and simpler to make MO-Call to contact friends family and business around the world.


Nokia S60^5- Updated

Some phones just work especially many Nokia mobiles. When Morodo started and developed MO-Call for many of the most popular phones and these Nokia handsets are still being used by many as they have great battery life and are tough as nails.

Yes, we are still supporting MO-Call on these feature phones and if you have an older Nokia handset and want to use MO-Call then here’s an updated guide to getting started with MO-Call.

Download it from here: MO-Call-Symbian-5th-User-Guide

See how Callback and Call direct work on the Nokia handsets using the Symbian S60 Series 5 OS. Usually this Symbian OS is used more commonly for Nokia touchscreen which includes the popular Nokia 5800 and C5-00.
You can also find more MO-Call User Guides here including iPhone and Android.

MO-Call Maintenance

Hello All,

Please be advised we need make essential maintenance on Saturday October 4th at around 1600 to 17OO hrs GMT.

The service will not be available for this time.

Thank you for your understanding.

The MO-Call Team

New iPhone for MO-Call User Guide

NOVEMBER -(Edit- This MO-Call for iPhone manual is updated showing new IOS 8 software updates and new retina graphics).

Last week we updated the new iPhone app for MO-Call. This week we have the new MO-Call User Guide for iPhone. Inside we’ve revised the format so it’s easier to read, added new pictures and screenshots when using all the MO-Call services. The revised chapters of the user guide for MO-Call will show you how to get started and using MO-Call and how each of the services work.

Download the MO-Call for iPhone User Guide here.

There are more user guides for using MO-Call on other devices.

A quick summary of the chapters inside include:

There are 3 easy ways to download MO-Call app for your iPhone Web Browser, App Store and MO-Call website.

Create a new account by registering from

Choose from Contacts, Recent History and Dialpad

The 3 Call modes available on your iPhone app: MO-Call VoIP MO-Call CallBack MO-Call Call Direct These options will be shown to you when making your calls. You will also see the different prices of the calls, so you can select the best way you want to make your call.

VoIP (Voice over IP) is the cheapest way available to make international calls. To make a VoIP call, you have to be signed in to your MO-Call account with enough credit to make a Standard Call.

In this mode, the app sends a message to request a CallBack to connect 2 numbers- usually the first is your own mobile number. Your phone will then ring and when you answer it, the call is connected to the second number. If you are not in a country supporting Call Direct then Callback is the ideal solution for making cheap international phone calls. MO-Call Callback will work from most countries worldwide.

Call Direct is a combination of your inclusive local minutes and then a cheap MO-Call When you make a call in Call Direct mode you are connected through a MO-Call Local number. The total call cost will be the Local call plus the MO-Call Standard rate. If your contract includes bundled local minutes then calling the local MO-Call number will be free.

You can use your MO-Call credit to send cheap international SMS from your iPhone. Like with the calls, you have several ways to send SMS.

MO-Call also gives you the option to make free calls over VoIP and send free IM messages to other online MO-Call users. First add your fellow MO-Callers as your MO-Call contacts. When the friend request is accepted, you’ll be able to make Free VoIP calls and IM messaging to your friend whenever this person is online.


Happy Reading,

The MO-Call Team

MO-Call for iPhone: Updated for iOS 7 and features CallDirect

Hi MO-Callers!

We continue to update the MO-Call for iPhone app. It is now optimised for iOS 7 and has the Call Direct feature as standard for even cheaper calls around the world. It’s now ready to download from the Apple iTunes app store today.

What’s New in Version 3.1.0

Optimized and improved performance for iOS7.
Call Direct feature is added so you can make most of any free inclusive contract minutes

Download MO-Call from the iTunes store.

MO-Call for iPhone

MO-Call 3G offers instant savings on international calls and SMS made from your iPhone over Wi-Fi or 3G networks. MO-Call now supports instant messenger for MO-Call, Windows Live (MSN), Yahoo, ICQ and Facebook accounts so you can chat to all your contacts in the same place at the same time!

Using the MO-Call app you can make VoIP calls over 3G and Wi-Fi and send SMS to anyone in the world at MO-Call’s amazing rates. MO-Call also comes with a callback feature that enables cheap calls even from an Edge/GPRS connection.

VoIP Mode: Make calls over the Internet using your 3G or Wi-Fi connection. Dial from the app keypad or your Contacts.

Callback Mode: Make calls when there is no Wi-Fi or strong 3G connection. Callback lets you set-up a call between any two phone numbers. Tell us where you want to make your call from and who you want to call, we’ll call you back and connect you.

Call Direct (Call Through): Make cheap international calls if you don’t have an internet connection. Your phone will make a standard phone call to our access number in your country (it’s a national call!!!) and our server will connect you to the international number that you have dialled.

SMS: Send cheap SMS to any contact in the world using your internet connection at MO-Call’s fantastic SMS rate.

Why use MO-Call?
GREAT RATES – save up to 95% on international calls and SMS
NO CONTRACTS – no fuss. Just top-up and talk
NO CHANGES – Keep your current SIM and contract
WORKS ANYWHERE – even when you’re out of Wi-Fi.

Getting Started
Download the MO-Call App. If you already have a MO-Call account, enter your Username and Password in the iPhone Settings menu.

How to use make calls over 3G
1. Open your “Settings” then turn off Wi-Fi.
2. Select “Settings” > “General” then enable your 3G.
3. Select “Settings” > “MO-Call” then turn on “MO-Call over EDGE/3G”

If you have a great idea to help us improve MO-Call, tell us about it. We welcome comments and suggestions, your views could help shape the next MO-Call build. Send your thoughts to:



Read the MO-Call User Guides here

New Android Manual for MO-Call AppHi,

The MO-Call app is available for many mobiles including the iPhone, Android, Nokia as well as PC computers. For more  questions and answers you can find these at   MO-Call FAQ web pages.

Here are the current MO-Call User Guides for the mobile and PC apps that we have that you can download direct:


MO-Call Android User Guide

This is the new updated guide showing you how to get up and running with MO-Call, letting MO-Call intercept your calls and using the different paid and free services.

  • Getting Started
  • How to make Calls
  • Let MO-Call manage and intercept all your calls
  • Using MO-Call for your calls
  • Different Call Options with Native Dialler or MO-Call App
  • MO-Call VoIP Calls
  • MO-Call Direct
  • Making CallBack MO-Calls
  • Sending SMS
  • Free VoIP Calls and Free IM messages

Android MO Call User Guide.pdf

MO-Call iPhone User Guide
MO-Call iPhone User Guide.pdf

MO-Call BlackBerry User Guide
BlackBerry Updated User Guide.pdf

MO-Call Nokia E-series Symbian Quick Guide
MO-Call Nokia E-series VoIP Symbian Quick Start Guide.pdf

MO-Call Nokia Symbian S40 Guide

MO-Call PC User Guide

Be one of our MO-Call Resellers. Start earning today with MO-Call

Good Day MO-Callers!

As you know, here at MO-Call we continue helping people save money on international mobile calls. However not everybody has a Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal account to buy MO-Call credit online. Can you help others buy MO-Call PINs and vouchers and profit from being a MO-Call Reseller?

Can you resell MO-Call PINs with our great MO-Call Rates?

The MO-Call Reseller program has been created for businesses to help MO-Callers who cannot find alternatives to buying MO-Call credit online. Your solution to them is easy- Your business will buy MO-Call credit PINs at a discounted price and sell directly to them. Just tell us how many PINs you need and in what currency and we’ll fill your order right away. We accept payment by Paypal or Bank Transfer.

  • More MO-Call minutes compared to Skype
  • 2nd Income generation -Unlimited potential earnings
  • Easy to integrate with existing business
  • It is fast and easy, and you don’t need any extra software to do it
  • No Telecom experience needed!- Just your time and ambition

Make MO-Call your Business

We pride ourselves with our customer experience of MO-Call. We like helping old and new users as we have a trustworthy product in MO-Call compared to other calling alternatives. We also expect that all Resellers provide some first level support to using MO-Calling – for example showing how to download the MO-Call app and setting up their first call.Rates to all countries are attached here:

Many Popular MO-Call Countries for Resellers include:

Poland, Spain, Germany, UK, India, Singapore, Bangladesh, Canada.


A MO-Call Reseller shares his story

MO-Call will continually help support when you build your own business of MO-Call customers. We’ve been assisting one prosperous reseller since 2008 and we’d like to share the successful story of one MO-Call Reseller in Angola. This is the story of a man who has made MO-Call part of his own business model. His name is Mohammed, and he runs an convenience shop in Angola. Find here the complete story of Mohammed, and what he has to say about MO-Call Reseller’s program!

Interested in being a Reseller? How to apply

If you are already using MO-Call and have made Top-Ups and want to apply to be a Reseller then fill in the form. We’ll do the rest to open a Reseller account for you.

For all new MO-Call offers and news, join us on Facebook.

Thank you for using MO-Call!!

The MO-Call Team


Be one of our MO-Call Resellers. Start earning today with MO-Call

Growing Your Own Business with MO-Call. A Reseller’s Success Story

Read about MO-Call Reseller

One of our best earning Resellers, shares with us how he got started, his experiences, and some lessons learned on becoming a successful MO- Call Reseller under the MO-Call Reseller program.


1. How did you find out the MO-Call service?

It was a miracle. I have received an e-mail from a friend and tried to contact him to give me more information about MO-Call service. But he was not able to give me all needed details, so I investigated a bit by myself, found all information I wanted and registered with MO-Call.

2. What was your first impression of the MO-Call service? What were the things you liked about MO-Call as a user of the service?
I like MO-Call because it is very reliable and cheap. My first impression was that this service is very suitable when you want to be close to your family and friends.

3. When and why did you become a Reseller and how have you grown your business?
I registered my MO-Call account in December 2008 and made my first top-up in May 2009. It took me 5 months because I had some issues with my credit card and couldn’t make a top-up. I was thinking to give up, but luckily I didn’t. MO-Call Customer Support really helped me through my problems. This experience gave me a good feeling of the Morodo network and

I felt like one of the MO-Call staff. I started to invite friends to use MO-Call and received invitation to become a MO-Call Reseller which I accepted. The reason why I became a Reseller is to help people with credit card difficulties (credit card online verifi- cation problems) or have no time for online purchase processes. I have grown my MO-Call business by helping people.

4. What are some lessons you have learned along the way to building a successful
MO-Call business? How are you using it? What are advantages?

First thing you have to do when you become a Reseller is to study the service really carefully and make the service approachable and easy to use for your potential customers. I explained to my customers that MO-Call is very cheap and reliable international calling service and that you can use it everywhere in the world. At the beginning I gave them trial credit
of $1, $2.5, $5, $10, up to $20 to try the quality of MO-Call service. I have my Promo MO-Call account and I buy credit in bulk ($500) which I later resell in smaller amounts like $10, $20, $30, $50, $100 etc. The big advantage is that my customers can buy exact amount they want without Bank exchange rate or Credit Card commissions. The only dis-advantage is high Western Union and Credit Card commission on my side.

5. How has MO-Call changed your life?

It has enabled me to help people call their family abroad and this has helped me stay in touch with my family and it doesn’t cost me anything. With the amount earned I also don’t need to worry for my credit spent on calling my family.

6. How many customers do you support, how did you attract them to use the MO-Call service and keep them loyal to you and MO-Call?

I have more than 50 customers. After the registration I introduce them MO-Call service, offer some free trial credit in testing purposes so they are sure that the service works great. The next step is credit purchase and calling can start. That is the way how I created my Mini MO-Call network.

7. Tell us in couple of sentences what do you think about MO-Call as service in general and about MO-Call’s Reseller program.
I first registered with MO-Call because I needed a reliable international calling service. After I made my first top-up and my first call I discovered that MO-Call is not just reliable but very useful anywhere in the world, with or without an internet connection. The MO-Call Reseller Program is a very good idea for promoting of MO-Call service. The MO-Call Resellers are seen as very important link in the chain and good cooperation between Morodo and the Resellers results in successful business. I just have to add one point that better conversation between Morodo and the Resellers can bring more benefits to both sides.

8. What can you suggest to our other customers who became Resellers and didn’t have enough success or want to become one of them?
My suggestion to other Resellers is that they first need to learn how MO-Call works and to try to learn what their customers want. After registration they need to be there to offer help, if they (the customer) ask for it. The MO-Call Support team will help you for sure, but you know your customers and the environment better, and your knowledge about MO-Call service and support is crucial.

9. Are you using social media channels-Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn for your business promotion and how (campaigns, special offer, banners)?
I use Facebook profile for pro-motion and MO-Call banner attached to my e-mail signature, so every e-mail I send is like an advertisement.

10. What are your ideas for future as one of our best Resellers? Is there any way we can help you and make it easier and beneficial for both sides?

First of all I would like to thank all MO-Call staff and Morodo Company for all they have done to bring the business where it is now and their support. Just one example, when I became a customer, calling rate from Angola to Nigeria was $0.37/min. After my complaining, the rate dropped to $0.20/min which helped me a lot in my business and I am very grateful for it. I would like to see MO-Call, as one of the leading VoIP providers, because every foreigner or frequent traveler needs MO-Call to contact his family and friends at home. I’ve recently bought a new tablet PC which helped me a lot in my business; from now on I can help my customers and top-up their accounts anytime, anywhere. I am doing all this because I love this company and will be more than happy to see things grow. Maybe someday I will have an opportunity to visit Morodo and we can together create new ideas that can be beneficial for both sides.

If this interesting story inspired you to get your own chance and make your own MO-Call network, simply visit our website for the MO-Call Reseller program and start your business today!
Contact us today by email:

Download and read as a pdf here: MO-Call_Reseller_Business__2014_08

MO-Call 101- Auto Top-Up for more

Update your Auto Top-Up to a higher value and get even more credit during MO-Call promotions.

If making a MO-Call is easy then keeping your account in credit is made easier with Auto-Top Up. Here’s a simple change which may see your MO-Call credits increase without you doing anything more.

How? Just update your MO-Call account to $10.00 (or in the equivalent currency £10, €10, HKD100, AUD10)
Just think, with more MO-Call promotions we are always rewarding tons of free credit to our customers upon each of their top ups. These promotions award our loyal MO-Call customers for their trust and support towards our MO-Call service.

Here’s the most recent MO-Call promotion: and here

The “20% Extra Credit Bonus” terms and conditions will allow eligible participants to Top-Up their MO-Call accounts during the promotion period.

Don’t miss out! To be included, just log into your account and update the Auto Refill Value to $10.00 or more at
Tell your family and friends, now with more free credit upon your recharge!

For more information on MO-Call promotions you can follow our blog or Facebook:

Happy MO-Calling!