With MO-Call, the Eid-al-Fitr celebrations continue!

With MO-Call, the Eid-al-Fitr celebrations continue!

Now in addition to the 20% extra credit we just gave away with Top-Ups, you’ll be saving even more as we are now reducing the calling rates to the many Islamic destinations all over the world

Now with Eid-al-Fitr, some calling rates are discounted by up to 30%!

These means, much more calling minutes to stay in touch with your family and friends. Enjoy the “Feast of Breaking the Fast” that is Eid-al-Fitr by MO-Calling them all.


Country EID 2014 Regular MO-Call SAVINGS
Afghanistan mobile 27¢/min 29¢/min 7%
Albania mobile 33¢/min 35¢/min 6%
Algeria mobile 28¢/min 30¢/min 7%
Azerbaijan mobile 33¢/min 35¢/min 6%
Bahrain mobile 7¢/min 10¢/min 30%
Bangladesh mobile 4¢/min 4,5¢/min 11%
Egypt mobile 13¢/min 15¢/min 13%
Indonesia mobile 10¢/min 14¢/min 29%
Iran mobile 10¢/min 14¢/min 29%
Iraq mobile 18¢/min 20¢/min 10%
Jordan mobile 10¢/min 12¢/min 17%
Kuwait mobile 10¢/min 12¢/min 17%
Lebanon mobile 23¢/min 28¢/min 18%
Libya mobile 30¢/min 33¢/min 9%
Mali mobile 33¢/min 35¢/min 6%
Morocco mobile 38¢/min 40¢/min 5%
Pakistan mobile 9¢/min 9,9¢/min 9%
Palestine mobile 16¢/min 18¢/min 11%
Qatar mobile 20¢/min 25¢/min 20%
Saudi Arabia mobile 15¢/min 17¢/min 12%
Syria mobile 22¢/min 24¢/min 8%
Tunisia mobile 45¢/min 50¢/min 10%
Turkey mobile 12¢/min 14¢/min 14%
UAE mobile 15¢/min 16,5¢/min 9%
Yemen mobile 20¢/min 25¢/min 20%

Starting on 00:01 on the 26 July Saturday- and finishing 23:59 August Friday 1, 23:59 GMT



MO-Call lets you say hello to the ones you love and wishing you a very happy Eid Mubarak.

The MO-Call Team

Celebrate Eid-al-Fitr with 20% MO-Call Bonus on Top-Ups!

Many people are observing Ramadan with more MO-Callers calling family and friends all over the world this July.

With more people contacting each other, MO-Call will be giving an additional 20% extra credit on all Top-Ups when recharging your account during Ramadan.

You only need to top up your MO-Call account with $ 10 or more, between dates 20 July 00:00 GMT and 24 July 23:59 GMT.

Also, as a thank you we’re also reducing many popular pricing to countries celebrating Eid al-Fitr helping all MO-Callers save even more by dropping our already low calling rates by up to 30% to 25 destinations!


Say hi to those you love this Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr and happy MO-Calling!  MO-Call is wishing you a very happy Eid Mubarak.

The MO-Call Team!


Terms and conditions.

1. Registered MO-Call users must top-up their account online between July 20th 2014 00:00 GMT and July 24th 2014 23:59 GMT.

2. Each MO-Call account can benefit only once from this Special offer.

3. The maximum purchase amount to be eligible for this promotion will be USD $ 100. *

4. All accounts may be credited until 12 PM GMT on the following day

5. Affiliates and Resellers are excluded from this offer.

MO-Call Argentina today!

Buenos dias MO-Callers!

Today is a very special day for our MO-Callers in Argentina, as they are celebrating their Independence day. Here at MO-Call we want to join their celebration by bringing you the best MO-Call prices on your calls to this South American country.

MO-Calling Argentina Landlines is only 3 cents (US$/min)

and 30 cents only (US$/min) on mobiles.

And this is not all, as you probable know already,  Argentina will be also playing today in the World Cup semifinals against Holland! This should be an interesting day full of passion and emotions for both teams, as they’re risking their place in the World Cup Finals.

If you’re supporting Holland for today’s semi-finals, go ahead and share your support and passion by calling your friends and family in the Netherlands!

MO-Calling Holland is only  1.5 cents (US$/min) on landlines

and it’s only 26 cents (US$/min) on mobiles.

Remember that all MO-Callers can call each other for Free to both countries using MO-Call Free VoIP! If you still haven’t got MO-Call, you can find and download it  here

The MO-Call Team,


MO-Call Update Maintenance

Hi MO-Caller,

A quick update from us at MO-Call-  we would like to inform you that we will be upgrading our service platform next week. We will be disconnecting and updating the MO-Call servers for essential maintenance.

The schedule for the changes is on June 24th from 0200 to 1000 GMT.

Services will be affected as we make this changeover.

Please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.

Thank you for using MO-Call.

The MO-Call Team

Happy Father’s Day from MO-Call 20% Bonus Credit on Top-Ups

That big man sitting on the sofa watching the TV dominating the remote control? That’s your lovable dad.

The same man who drove you to school. He who unblocked the stinky sink, and then got a real plumber to fix it. His heroes are Homer Simpson and Al Bundy and we can see why.

Anyway, let’s pretend he’s Superman this Sunday so it’s time to give him a call and say how much you love him and how thankful you are for all he’s done for you!

If you are topping up your MO-Call account we’ll give you an extra 20% of credit so you can hear his grumpy voice for much longer.
Top-up your account between the 13th and 15th of June 2014 in order to get the Free credit!

Just login to your MO-Call account, top-up $10 or more to receive the additional 20% credit.

MO-Call wishes you a very Happy Father’s Day this Sunday.

Happy MO-Calling! The MO-Call Team

  • Terms and conditions.
  • 1. Registered MO-Call users must top-up their account online between June 13th 2014 00:01 GMT and June 15th 2014 23:59 GMT.
  • 2. Each MO-Call account can benefit only once from this Special offer.
  • 3. The maximum purchase amount will be: 100AUD, 100EUR, 100GBP, 1,000HKD, 100USD.
  • 4. All accounts may be credited until June 16th 12:00 PM GMT.
  • 5. Affiliates and Resellers are excluded from this offer.

MO-Call Summer- 20% Free on Top-Ups


20% Free Credit on MO-Call Top-Ups

Summer is finally here and the sunshine is making everyone much happier with longer days to relax in the sun.

With longer days enjoy longer activities like talking to friends and family and let MO-Call give you more time with 20% more calls.

This week every MO-Caller will be credited with 20% bonus credit on every Top-Up of $10/10AUD/100HKD/10EUR/10GBP or more.

With more cheap international mobile MO-Calls this June an extra $2 Free MO-Credit on a $10 Credit gives you even more minutes to call these popular countries:

An extra 250 minutes to call Canada Mobiles

Get an 100 extra minutes to Indian Mobiles

Call for 25 extra minutes calling Nigeria Mobiles

Just login to your MO-Call account, top-up $10 or more to receive the additional 20% credit. Then from your registered MO-Call number – Go to “Buy Credit” and top-up your account with a minimum of $ 10.00 or its equivalent in your currency (see terms and conditions) between 1 June 2014 00:01 GMT and 5 June 10 2014 23:59 GMT.



Happy MO-Calling!

The MO-Call Team


Terms and conditions.

1. Registered MO-Call users must top-up your account online between 1 June 2014 00:01 GMT and 5 June 10 2014 23:59 GMT.

2. Each MO-Call account can benefit only once from this Special offer.

3. The maximum purchase amount will be: 100AUD, 100EUR, 100GBP, 1,000HKD, 100USD.

4. The 20% bonus shall be credited within 24 hours after making the purchase.

5. Affiliates and Resellers are excluded from this offer.

MO-Call Spain 8.7 cents


Hola MO-Callers,

Ya casi está aquí el verano, lo cual solo significa una cosa: Vacaciones!

Si vas a pasarte unos días por España, entonces tenemos grandes noticias para ti. Hemos reducido las tarifas para llamar a móviles de España a tan solo 8.7 céntimos de euro por minuto.

Recuerda que esta tarifa a España, así como todas las demás tarifas a otros destinos MO-Call, ya incluye el cargo por establecimiento de llamada, lo cual hace mucho más fácil calcular los costes por tus llamadas al extranjero.

Por ejemplo, llamar a otro destino popular de vacaciones, como Francia, cuesta solo 10 céntimos de euro por minuto usando MO-Call.

Te mantendremos informado pues seguiremos reduciendo las tarifas a otros destinos Europeos y el resto del mundo para todos nuestros usuarios que utilicen MO-Call en sus vacaciones y/o por negocios durante este verano.

Para todos aquellos que no conocéis MO-Call, nuestra aplicación móvil está disponible para dispositivos iPhoneAndroid, y otros teléfonos populares como Nokia.

Visita nuestra página web para echarle un vistazo a todos los teléfonos que soporta MO-Call.

El equipo de MO-Call



Hola MO-Callers,

It’s summer time again and that means holidays! If you’re spending quality time in Spain, then we got great news for you.

We’ve reduced calling rates to Spanish Mobiles to a much lower price of just 8.7 euro cents/min.

Remember that this Spain rate and all other MO-Call destinations are advertised as INCLUDING Connection Fee, which we think is much easier to calculate your call costs abroad.

For instance, calling another favorite holiday destination, I.E. France, it’s only 10 euro cents per minute using MO-Call.

We’ll keep you updated as we’ll be reducing more European and world countries for all holiday and business travellers during this summer.

For all of you who are new to MO-Call, the mobile application is available for iPhoneAndroid  and other popular handsets like Nokia. Just visit our website to find out all supported devices.

For any questions or comments, please contact us at support@morodo.co.uk and we’ll get back to you.

The MO-Call Team


MO-Call Maintenance

Hello All,

Please be advised we need make essential maintenance on Saturday May 17th at around midday to 18oohrs GMT.

The service will not be available for this time.

Thank you for your understanding.

The MO-Call Team

MO-Call Nokia Users – Here’s the updated S40 User Guide

New Nokia S40 User Guide updated

Hello MO-Callers!

This time we want to present to you our new and updated MO-Call VoIP User Guide Nokia S40 which you can download.

In this short and easy user guide, you will find all the necessary information on how to properly install our MO-Call integrated VoIP dialer in your Nokia S40 device as well as instructions on how to start making your calls. Additionally, and just for registering your MO-Call account, you will receive $0.60 of free calling credit to try out our service.

Please have in mind that username you need to input during the account adding differs from your registered MO-Call username and is: ani(area code)(your mobile number).

This example is corrected formatted for a UK Mobile number: ani447908130510

Just remember,“ani” + number  = FREE CALL to online MO-Call friends and contacts

Also, please note the correct format to dial and to save your contacts is: (country code)(mobile number)

This example is for a UK Mobile number: 447908130510

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. You can drop us an email anytime at support@morodo.co.uk, and our customer support team will reply to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively learn more from our Frequently Asked Questions section.

We hope you can enjoy of many hours of MO-Calling your friends and loved ones!


The MO-Call team


The MO-Call Team

MO-Call 101- This is the best way to use Call Direct

MO-Call Direct

Call Direct is a big feature of MO-Call. It works within the MO-Call App triggered when you press Call Direct when calling your international mobile number.

So why is it good? Many MO-Callers get bundled minutes with their contract to free local calls. For example in the UK you can get 200 minutes per month for £10.

With these monthly free minutes from your operator, you can make a local access MO-Call saving you money on the first stage of your call effectively using up your minutes bundle.

Think of Call Direct as 2 parts:  a Free Call and then a MO-Call
The MO-Call app calls a local number in this case the MO-Call UK number is +442088199676. This first leg of the call is now considered FREE to you.

We then connect our MO-Call services to the international number. This 2nd leg is the MO-Call cost which is really cheap.

So calling say, UK mobile to India mobile using Call Direct will cost you =

Free + 1.3 pence/min.

You can try a test call as it should be free and you are halfway to making international MO-Calls. To make use of the feature download our App and sign into your Account.

Here is the full list of Call Direct Numbers:-